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SOAのウェブサイトが 2015 Communicator Award of Excellence を受賞|SOA

だそうでございまして ……。


SOA "SOA.org Recognized with Web Awards"

The SOA and web development agency Brightfind recently received communications industry awards for the innovative homepage design of the re-launched SOA homepage-memberSOA.org. The SOA and Brightfind worked together to create a website design that provides technological innovations and flexibility of information for visitors.

Brightfind "Brightfind Wins the Communicator Award for SOA’s Website"

In recognition of its distinctive creative work for the Society of Actuaries (SOA) website, Brightfind was awarded the 2015 Communicator Award of Excellence, in the category of Association Websites. Brightfind’s innovative card-based design, with its focus on reusability, provided SOA an extraordinary design strategy for accommodating its highly varied content categories and audiences.

そういえば,いつのまにかSOAのサイトからは,「Risk is Opportunity」というスローガンが消えましたね。