Dribs and Drabs


CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society) Admission Process



Validation by Educational Experience (VEE)
  • VEE-Corporate Finance
  • VEE-Economics

SOAでもVEEはあるけれど,CASのAssociateとしては以上のふたつ(Applied Statistical Methods がない)。日本の証券アナリストの2次試験に受かっていれば,上記のふたつともパス。IAJの準会員では上記のうちEconomicsだけパス。

Two CAS Online Courses
  • Online Course 1—Risk Management and Insurance Operations
  • Online Course 2—Insurance Accounting, Coverage Analysis, Insurance Law, and Insurance Regulation

The Institutes のプラットフォームを活かしてのオンラインコースと試験(それぞれ2時間25点),でいいのかな。



  • Exam 1—Probability(Exam P)
  • Exam 2—Financial Mathematics(Exam FM)
  • Exam 3F—Models for Financial Economics(Exam MFE)
  • Exam 4—Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models(Exam C)
  • Exam S—Statistics and Probabilistic Models*
  • Exam 5—Basic Techniques for Ratemaking and Estimating Claim Liabilities
  • Exam 6—Regulation and Financial Reporting (Nation Specific): Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei, Canada, United States

* New exam required beginning in Fall 2015 replacing Exam LC (Exam MLC), Exam ST, and VEE-Applied Statistical Methods. However, transition rules allow candidates with credit for either Exam LC and/or Exam ST to take the remaining exam/educational requirements to obtain credit for the new Exam S by August 31, 2016.

CAS Course on Professionalism


Waiver of Examinations

The CAS recognized the SOA exams listed in the chart below. Candidates who check the "Property and Casualty" field on their preliminary exam application will have the results of their exams automatically updated in the CAS candidate database. Candidates who did not check the Property and Casualty field can have their exam results verified and updated in the CAS candidate database by completing the online form.